April 21

Outline – Rachel Cusk

Prior to reviewing the six books shortlisted for the 2015 Baileys Prize, and in the interest of total transparency, I should probably mention that despite working for the Prize, neither my reviews nor my opinions on the books hold any bearing whatsoever on the likelihood of them winning the prize. And as much as I […]

April 19

The Last Act of Love – Cathy Retzenbrink

Last year I met Cathy, author of The Last Act of Love, when we were both on a panel at a Society of Young Publishers conference, discussing how we chose the books we read. I mentioned the influence Twitter often has when it comes to what I read, and thus it seems somewhat fitting that it […]

April 14

The Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction Announce 2015 Shortlist

As much as I enjoy reading my way through the BBC Big Read, dedicating so much of my reading list to the list of both classics and contemporary greats often leaves me feeling slightly out of touch with the latest releases. Thus it was with no surprise that when the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction […]

April 08

The Followers – Rebecca Wait

Almost exactly two years ago I read a book by debut novelist Rebecca Wait for the first time. Called The View on The Way Down it was the story of two bothers, one of whom suffered from crippling depression. The kind of book that stays with you for many months after finishing it, I still […]

March 30

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – Robert Tressell

I’m often asked why it is that I love reading so much, and as much as I would like my reason to be a hugely intelligent one, the simple answer is that I do it for escapism. As a child I adored the make-believe world of Enid Blyton, from The Magic Faraway Tree to the […]

March 25

David Copperfield – Charles Dickens

I was recently discussing my reading challenge with a colleague when he asked whether reading my way through the BBC Top 100 had changed my life in any way. And while I would hasten to say my reading challenge has changed my life per se, it has certainly impacted it a great deal. First and foremost, the challenge […]

March 19

The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett

I was in the middle of writing my review of The Colour of Magic – the first of Sir Terry Pratchett’s books that I’ve read – when it was announced that, aged 66, he had sadly passed away. Within minutes, the much-loved author was trending on Twitter, with thousands of his fans expressing their sorrow at […]

March 06

The Stand – Stephen King

  Prior to reading The Stand, the only other book of Stephen King’s I had read was On Writing – part guide, part memoir, it had been recommended to me on a residential writing retreat I attended a couple of years ago. And whether it was the length of On Writing, or my pre-conceived notion […]

February 28

Ethan Frome – Edith Wharton

  I first came across Edith Wharton at university; indeed reading and studying The Age of Innocence immediately cemented it as one of my favourite books. And while usually when I find an author I like, I read as many of their books as I can get my hands on in as short a time as […]

February 25

The Interestings – Meg Wolitzer

    The amount of unread books I have on my shelves could last me many many months, were I able to avoid the temptation of new books. So addicted am I to the buying of books that I’m often guilty of buying duplicate copies of novels I love, just for the sake of it. And […]